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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Collins Clan. Day 73. Lobster Galore.


Today we rested our legs in Shediac; it is our last day in New Brunswick. We awoke and had a delicious breakfast of omelets, prepared by papa Mungo. Shediac is home of the World's Largest Lobster, so we visited it this morning. We did a bit of shopping downtown for lobster paraphernalia, snacked on lobster-flavoured chips and then set out to visit the Hopewell rocks. We drove alongside Chocolate River from Moncton down to reach the park. It was named because of its colour- very brown and unappetizing to swim in. If you ever see photos of the Hopewell rocks with blue water, it was either a reflection of the sky, or more likely photoshop. They are called 'flower pots' because of their shape and they sit out in the Bay of Fundy. During low tide you can walk out around them,  but since we visited during high tide we could only look from the stairs and from the cliffs. We had a picnic lunch at the rocks, walked around the park and then drove back to Shediac. Parlee beach is a popular destination in Shediac; we spent our afternoon swimming in the Atlantic, reading and making sandturtles. Captain Dan's was suggested to us for the best lobster dinner in town. Courtney and I tackled one together, and it was delicious. Being the Canadian lobster capital, it felt right to enjoy a lobster while in town. 

World's biggest lobster. 

Shackled in Shediac. 

Hopewell rocks. Beautiful, brown water. 

Bay of Fundy panorama. 

Shediac's Parlee Beach. 

Courtney and the sea turtle!

Lobster at long last. 

My first lobster! 

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