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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Day 49: All In the Family

Sauble Beach to Collingwood 105km 

This morning was awesome. To start with we woke up inside a house in a bed. Like a real bed. Not a sleeping bag. Next Laura's mom had made us chocolate chip pancakes and banana chocolate chip muffins for breakfast which were delicious. And to top it all off Colin had real coffee for us. Cyclists are simple creatures, it doesn't take a lot to please us. Thanks again for all the hospitality Colin! 
We rode along the beach to the town of Sauble first thing. There wasn't much happening at 7am but it looks like it'd be a nice place to come back to. 30k down the road we hit Owen Sound were they had a bunch of streets blocked off for their annual "Hottest Yard Sale" festival. There were booths selling everything from rugs to canned goods, a stage with live music, and a few info tents giving out free stickers, postcards and cold water - which we took full advantage of. 
In Meaford, we stopped for lunch and blizzards at the Dairy Queen. A little while afterwards a car pulled up in front of is on highway. We assumed it was Laura's family stopping I cheer us on but it wasn't. It was a guy who stopped solely to inform us that we should be biking on the gravel bike trail that follows the highway all the way to Collingwood. We didn't like the sound of gravel with our loaded bikes so we stuck to the highway. About 5 minutes later Laura's family did track us down for a quick visit. 
After they left the shoulder basically disappeared and the traffic got so heavy that we decided to chance it with the trail. We were wrong about it, it's called the Georgian trail and it was great. More packed dirt than gravel so our bikes were fine. 
Veronica's, Kelly's and Laura's families as well as a reporter from the Collingwood paper were all meeting us at the Skiis and Biikes store in Collingwood. There were a lot of hugs, questions and photos in the parking lot then we went in to buy new tires, break pads and handle bars. Afterwards we all went back to Kelly's families' chalet where they had prepared us a proper feast. It was awesome to chat and catch up with everyone. Veronika headed back to Toronto with her parents. She's going to spend a few days with them an give her knee a needed rest. Thanks to the families for all the support!

Sauble before the crowds showed up

Not far from Collingwood
The Georgean Trail
A photo of the families taking photos of us

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