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Monday, 28 July 2014

Collins Clan. Day 71. In the trees.


Bathurst to Miramichi. 110 km.

Since dad arrived, our wildlife sightings have been particularly uneventful besides the poor birds, skunks and porcupines which came in the way of traffic. Until today. We were biking past a swan early this morning and thinking that it looked very majestic. All the sudden, it let out a vile series of honks and we realized it was in fact a goose. Okay, so that was a little bit anticlimactic. Courtney and I were commenting on how inland New Brunswick is prime moose territory. That looks like a moose lake, a moose field, a moose swamp and so on. But then there was a moose in one of the swamps. We watched her in her natural habitat for a few minutes and then attempted to scare her away so we could watch her most ungraceful moose gait. We stopped for lunch at a pullout along the highway. Cassidy and Sherri met us to enjoy roadside wraps. We were joined by a bright green snake. He was harmlessly trying to sunbathe when I provoked him by stroking his side. Fortunately, he felt as if he could take me on, and gave me his scariest slither, hiss and open-mouth stare. About 5 km before we reached downtown, dad broke his third spoke of the trip. His wheel was wobbling like crazy, but we made it into town. We arrived in Miramichi and went for appies at a restaurant overlooking the river. All of the bike shops were closed, so Court and I biked the 15 km to the campsite alone. But this wasn't just a regular campsite, we chose to forgo our tent for the night and branch out and rent a treehouse. The treehouse was over 20 ft up in the trees, and had bunks for Courtney, Cassidy and I. Had you seen it, you wood have been jealous. We had a barbecue dinner at the campsite (far away from our treehouse to ensure our lodgings were not at risk.) We made s'moreos for dessert, which I'd been waiting all trip to make. Roasted marshmallows in an open Oreo- you can't go wrong! We snuggled into bed in our treehouse. It poured overnight so it was a huge tree-t to have a roof over our heads. I'm pining to tell you about one last animal encounter. While we were soundly sleeping in our magic treehouse, a raccoon came and snacked on mine and Courtney's lunch wraps. Fortunately, he left our breakfast muffins and other food alone. 

Moose in her natural habitat. 

Our snake friend!

Downtown Miramichi. 

The magic treehouse. 

S'moreos... Make them! 

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