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Friday, 11 July 2014

Day 52. Rest day

Rest day at Kelly's cottage. 
We (Kelly and I) were woken up to rummaging in the kitchen And the voice of Kelly's grandmother saying " I'll get Kelly she should be up." It turns out that cate had attempted to drink water in the middle of the night, but ended up just spilling the whole cup right on her phone. After locating some rice, and soaking for some odd hours the phone survived. 
We enjoyed some lovely coffee and great conversation with all our guests in the morning before heading outside to enjoy the weather. Most of us went for a tubing ride with uncle Colin behind the wheel.  After surviving the tube ride we headed in for some lunch. Darren was nice enough to cook everyone up some hamburgers just as it started to rain. After we finished lunch the rain continued and turned into a thunderstorm. We were all pooped and decided to lay down for a team nap. 
Hours later we were woken up to the sounds of veronika Arriving at the cottage with her parents who we're joining us for dinner. 
Kelly's mom and dad, brother and sisters. Her uncle Colin, aunt Christine cousins Taylor and Robbie and friend Sydney. Veronikas parents and all the bikers had an awesome homemade lasagne courtesy of uncle Colin. 
After hearing about kawartha dairy for a long time we just had to give it a try. 
We all enjoyed an awesome do-nothing kind of day. And were so thankful to Kelly's family for letting us use their cottage and providing us with a lot of food. And to Danica's family for Cooking for us! 

Heather Meghan and Laura relaxing. 

Notice the amount of mud at the bike tire. 

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