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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Day 45: Soo to Blind River


Danica - We got a tail wind today... And we were so shocked about it we did some extra kms past our goal of Iron Bridge to Blind River. There is a Tim's here which is amazing and enough people to warrant fire works for Canada Day! Yes happy Canada Day!! We biked through ghost towns all day as no one was around. Secretly I was hoping to randomly join a parade but no such luck. We all (except Vroni) had our Canada shirts and jerseys on along with flags on our bikes. Laura got a flat 10km out of town. This is our normal location around towns, either at the beginning or end of the day. Pain in the ass! Besides that we biked and listen to the stereo Mojo! We originally took 17B out of the Soo which was so nice to not be on the main hwy. Unfortunately afterwards we went through the WORST CONSTRUCTION ZONE for 17! Grooved pavement, no shoulder, traffic! Awful! We did see the big official Loonie of Canada which is neat especially for Canada Day. At one point during the day Vroni came up behind me asking "Danica did you rip your pants?!" Followed by an over amount of laughter... Yup a huge rip in my shorts. Oh well couldn't do anything about it so I biked all day with my bum out a bit... Got a sunburn too (see photo below). Besides that it was a pretty uneventful biking day ending at our first swim in Lake Huron! 

Loonie :)

Great sign for today!

Big random chair

Flat repair and Vroni sleepin

Blind River. 
Day after burn from ripped shorts 

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