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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Montreal Rest Day!

Rest Day Montreal! 

(Danica) Mont-real! What what?! Ok I think my excitement was over the top to be here. I got up super early to get my laundry done then went to the bike store. Apparently if I didn't fix the 'click' in my pedal my friends weren't going to continue to bike beside me.. Ahh like the skunk all over again! By ten I was done my chores and found Kelly and Laura at Starbucks where we started our wondering adventures. Cate and Courtney already went to find their Father and Family who flew in that morning. We made it to old Montreal where we stopped for lunch in a beautiful square. The Collins family joined us and then from their we did more wondering! Montreal is gorgeous!! One of my Favourite cities across Canada for sure. It has amazing bike paths! Everyone there bikes and the lanes are amazing. Even if there is no specific bike path, when in traffic the cars are so much more aware of your presence. The Just For Laughs festival was on so we wondered through there. It had huge jumbo screens with Gags on it. All the tickets were sold out so we never got the chance to to the evening show. The cannel front was beautiful as well. Side note: this was our first rest day with no rain!! The old streets had great little shops and like Kelly and Laura agreed "it's a good thing we don't have a car or else it'd be full!" Overall a wonderful city with wonderful people. Also a HUGE thanks to The Hollands for the apartment to stay in! 

Just for laughs
Kelly and Laura at Just for laughs

Laura pretending to be strong! 

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