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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Rest Day Quebec City

Rest Day Quebec City !

The group split up for their own wandering ... These are their stories;

(Cate) After a nice breakfast at the hostel, and pilfering enough supplies for lunch, Courtney and I set out to explore Quebec. We met with a friend of mine from university, Breanne, and went for late-morning crepes stuffed with raspberries, chocolate/bananas and maple butter. A walking tour of Quebec City took us through the core of downtown. The tour guide descended from King Louis Filles du Roi, the women brought over from France to marry the abundant, eligible soldiers. Not only did we refresh on the cool historic facts about the city, but also came out with enough recommendations of restaurants to eat for a week straight. As hungry cyclists, we attempted to make as many of her suggestions as possible become a reality in our remaining time in Quebec City. 'The best poutine' lead us to Chez Ashton, a fast food joint downtown. My French Language skills were good enough to joke around with the guy behind the counter about Ashton's absence from his own restaurant. We then parted ways with Breanne and went to fulfill our need for 'the best croissant.' Upon entering the bakery, we were immediately drawn to the immaculate selection of gelato. A gelato and croissant later, we went to see a street performer before heading back to the hostel. This whole trip Court and I have been embracing the benefits of sharing. Today we shared crepes, a croissant and a gelato. I'm not sure what I'm going to do in Toronto when I don't have a sister readily available to share absolutely freaking everything. You can try everything and not have to pay twice as much. From time to time, we can even be seen sharing a Dairy Queen blizzard, or trading ice creams because we both liked each other's flavour choice better. 

(Danica) Laura and I wandered the city finding what we could. We stumbled across this random art work which turned out to be a mini treasure hunt. They were creative mocking pieces each representing something different in society. There was a peg board, giant pigions and a soup can, beach toys and a mock swimming pool. Very neat to weave through the beautiful old streets looking for them. Quebec City is wonderful! Like a taste of Europe in Canada! Beautiful fortress wall (hiked 310 stairs to get to the top) gorgeous shopping streets filled with shops bars and cafés. We even stumbled into a wedding!  Afterwards we went for dinner with Kelly whom had a quiet self day. We then meet up with the Collins for a beer before hitting the town a bit harder. Whoops we didn't mean to but ended up with too many jugs of beer through our poor French. Darn! 

Cate and Breanne
Street performers. Super amazing part of the French culture!!
Map of Art
Laura walking through art
Giant pigions and soup mocking modern art!
Peg board!
Beautiful Quebec

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