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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Day 68 world famous

Heading from our campsite we made  it to the detour we'd been hearing about. And they weren't lying. Half the bridge was completely washed out. But luckily the man at the campsite hadn't led us astray and there was an old rail trail that you could bike or quad across. 
Finally a detour that didn't end terribly ! 
We rolled into florenceville- Bristol a really cute old town with a covered bridge. Built in 1911 , but the covered bridges for the day weren't over. The next town we came across was Hartland which is home to the longest covered bridge in the world! Over 1200ft and built in 1902 it was a pretty neat bridge to see. Definitely more appreciated this time then when I saw it 10 years ago as a moody teenager. 
Leaving the tourist information at the bridge we continued on, finding a rail trail that led us along the river and gave us some spectacular views of the St. John river and some bald eagles! Although the trail was nice we made our way back to the road and continued on to nackawic.  we didn't go directly into the town as it would have been a detour but we did see the biggest axe in the world from across the river. 
Finally making it up the last few hills and in some roasty conditions we rolled into great bear camping. 
Where we were welcomed by a swim in the St. John river and the lovely pool. 
While swimming at the pool we met a man who asked us the usual where are you from, where are you biking to questions. Except this time Danica decided she and all of us were from Yellowknife. Why!? No one knows. Just because. This would have all been fine and dandy but when I met them later while walking by their campsite I couldn't remember when they asked again if it was just Danica that was from Yellowknife, was I from Yellowknife ? Are we all from Yellowknife?!?!? I don't even know anything about this place. Does it get warm in the summer? How warm? Panicking  I completely avoided all questions about the territories and kept on track about the trip. 
Next time we'll be sure to pick a more common place to pretend to be from. And maybe one we know more about. 
The start of out detour. 
The washed out bridge 
Not quite the longest covered bridge 
Our rail trail 
Looking out from the bridge
The world famous bridge
It's huge!
The view of nb 
Rail trail
Our campsite 

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