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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Moncton Rest Day ~

Rest Day in Moncton!

(Danica) As Kelly and Laura needed a major sleeping day I took one for the team and explored the biggest town in New B alone. Moncton is famous for the tidal bore that comes in on high tide. Basically it's a wave (ranging in 3-60cm high) that comes up the river when the high tide reaches the Bay of Fundy. It's really interesting on how the river changes direction, wave goes up, then the river continues to flow up stream until it is full. All because the Bay of Fundy has the biggest change of tide in the world! But I'll get back to that Bay later. So after riding around Moncton, seeing the adorable downtown, going up and down the river, accidentally going to the next town over Dieppe twice, Laura was finally up (3pm) and ready to go to the Bay of Fundy with me!! We hired this random guy George to drive us to the Hopewell Rocks. The rocks are famous as they were left over from years of erosion around them leaving them standing like tall flowerpots. Hard to describe so see the pictures below. They says the rocks got formed from lava and that is why they haven't eroded away as fast like everything around them. When the tide is out you can go walk around them on the ocean floor. This is why we went so late afternoon to see the full effect of the 60 feet high tide!! World famous!!! George also showed us the oldest covered bridge in the area. Afterwards he dropped us downtown where we went for Lobster! Just the two of us sitting at the table wondering how to use the different lobster utensils. I thought I'd explain we were from sask and needed a quick lesson. I started with "We have an awkward question..." When she cut me off saying "honey I worked at a gay bar for twenty years, nothings awkward." HA! She thought we were on a date!" So I asked for a photo and carried on! Laura honey even picked up the check!

River before tide comes in


Anyone see the surfer!?


Rocks from above

Us in lovers arch

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