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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Rest Day #44 Sault Ste Marie

Rest Day Sault Ste Marie

Each of us decided for a personal day so hears an blurb about how we spent it. Eventually at the end of the day we all meet at the only restaurant for a great drink and catch up.

(Danica) I started my day early and after a lovely shower I found an awake Kelly! Yes she voluntarily got out of bed as to not waste any time! Shocked!! I went into town to have breaky then went to the bike shop early where I left Bikey. The poor shop was stressed because they were the one of the only ones open and most of us along with another tour needed help. After that the rest of my morning was walking around thinking how I missed my team. Then I found Laura and Kelly!! Whoop! 

I woke up early after falling asleep at a too early time to admit at night. 
Walking to the bathroom I found Kelly who also had to do laundry. A after making some phone calls and finishing our laundry, we made our way downtown for some at a really good Thai restaurant downtown. 

I decided I wanted to get hugs done. I didn't know what was wrong with me but I just went with it. Danica was still up before me. I did laundry, called everyone, had some coffee, it was lovely. Then Laura and I headed downtown for Thai breakfast/lunch, met up with Danica, headed to the bike shop (obviously), then hit up a movie! 

I started off to town shortly after danica to hit the bike shop 'velorution'. I guess I took the road with the highest hill possible, so I already had my morning workout done by 10am. I dropped off my bike and decided to take a cab downtown. Yet again I got the nicest cab driver on earth 'Carlo'. We had an amazing chat about my biking and his trips to Europe, he even picked me up after a couple hours to drive me back up to the bike shop. Downtown I spend my time walking around the boardwalk of Sault and then had lunch in this very cute little cafe with organic food, afterwards I did my girls thing --> shopping!!!
I final got jeans shorts first time ever!!!
Then with the cab to the bike shop and I went back to the camp to see the girls but they weren't there so I after a couple hours at the camp I biked back to meet up with the girls for dinner. I eventually ended up doing over 40 kms today

Courtney and Cate 
We started our day by doing our laundry at the campsite before heading into town. Court dropped her bike off at the velorution bike shop. We were chatting to the guys there and figured out that they have a free campsite for cyclists behind the bike shop. We hit the up bulk barn, bought our body weights in trail mix then headed down town to the other bike shop (the first one didn't have the tubes we needed). We learned from the gentleman at that bike shop that Brad Jacobs - the Olympian curler - works at the RBC right across the street. We had to go take a peek. Unfortunately it turns out that he is on a leave of absence until September. Next up was a stroll along the boardwalk to the canals that separate Lake Superior from Lake Huron and Canada from the USA. We eventually met up with the rest of the crew for dinner.

Bike shop!
Canadian side of the Soo!

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