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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Day 43 Random to Sault Ste. Marie

(Laura) Because of the extreme heat of yesterday we decided to bite the bullet and get up at 5 am! 
For those of you who know Kelly and I this isn't an hour that you would regularly find us up at. A rare occasion to say the least. 
But getting up wasn't all that bad. The humidity was as bad as the Mosquitos at 5am and after a quick breakfast we hit the road. 
The traffic was almost none existent which was awesome because the shoulders were as bad as ever. After an uneventful morning we had our lunch in Gouliah river ( just west of Sault Ste. Marie)and were just about to set off when the clouds rolled over. The humidity was still as bad as ever so no one was too keen on putting in their rain gear. As we headed off to "mile hill" which we had been hearing about for days the rain started to come down. As we started to climb the hill the thunderstorm started, we climbed higher. The rain began to come down as a torrential downpour, there was a literal river on the shoulder beside us and cars were pulling over because they couldn't see... But not us we just kept climbing. 
At this point all we could do was laugh, because in that moment we finally realized that we really are all a little crazy for doing this trip.
Finally the climb was over and it wasn't all that bad. I don't know if it's because of the massive thunderstorm or Danica's unique singing that distracted us but we all made it up that hill only leaving a little of our sanity at the bottom. But who needs that anyways. 
After getting up the hill it was a quick ride into the soo, where we found a timmies to dry off at, and a campsite, for a much deserved rest day. 

Early morning!
Biking along lakes

Made it to the Soo

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