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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Day 59: Bonjour Montreal

(Cate) This morning began by taking the bridge back into Quebec and riding alongside the river. Surprisingly, it started to pour on us early in the day. Usually it rains hard on rest days, so we thought the weather would be good today to save up ample rain for tomorrow. Down one hill, a one ton truck passed me and then had to slow down because he caught up to the traffic. This led to him doucing me in rain and dirt, as if I wasn't wet enough from the pouring rain. We stopped for lunch at timmies, but the rain continued even as we set out again. Montreal has lots of good bike paths and lanes, so it was a nice, scenic ride into town. We stopped to grab groceries on our way into town. I stepped too close to Laura as she dismounted her bike, and got a massive ninja kick in the side. We are looking forward to seeing what kind of a bruise develops. We arrived at Kelly's sisters apartment and had celebratory local Quebec beers. They were called l'Alchimiste which I quickly related to olden days chemistry, heightening the experience. Courtney and I met up with an old friend of mine, Simon, who took us to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. We hiked up to the top of Mont Royal to see a nice view of the city and the St Lawrence. We then met up with Kelly, Laura and Danica who were tackling 4L of beer at the Cock and Bull, a local pub. 

Riding into Montreal!

Don't worry, she shared!

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