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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Day 66: Bike Trails and New Brunswick!!!

(Kelly) Today was the day of bike trails. We started off the day in Quebec, on the Petit-Temis trail. Danica was taking in one of the many lake/pond views over a bridge and hit the rail, crashing off her bike. She was ok though, laughed it off but was very confused. Don't get too into the views or you'll steer right into them. We hit a lot of pretty lakes and little towns along the way, the best one by far was named Saint-Louis-de Ha! Ha! It was hilarious. Later that morning we headed into the Quebec info shop to see if they had any province stickers and we're informed it was impossible to cross into New Brunswick (due to construction) by bike. We however decided we'd take our chances. If was a short detour through some mild gravel then we carried on into New Brunswick!!!! And a new time zone! 6 provinces down! We are also in the last page of our original schedule! Although this province is definitely going to need reworking. :) Overall a very good day and a fairly eventful one! A brand new province to explore and a little further east everyday.

Quote of the week so far:
Kelly "Oh it looks like it's just a straight shot from here to Edmunston"
Danica "How could we possibly f**k that one up"
Laura "Well we can! AND WE PROBABLY WILL!!!!" 

Don't worry, we didn't mess up too badly. 

 And thank you to the lovely ladies at the St. Bastille campground, Cathy Pyatt from Golden BC and Marg Hulls from Dutton ON, for the generous donation to our adventure.

Bike Trails

Bye Quebec!!!!

The Helicoptor would fly us east but there was a cool plane at the border

Hello Province #7

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