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Friday, 25 July 2014

Collins Clan Day 69. 'Sea'ing the end!

..120 km!

In the town of Charlo at the 40 km mark, there lay a microbrewery tempting us. Despite being before 10 AM, we wheeled into the parking lot. Sadly the brewery was closed; all we wanted was to taste some local New Brunswick beer. That's when Sally, a local, walked up and offered us beers at her house. So we biked to her place, a refurbished farm house built in the 1870's, and had Pumphouse Blueberry Ale (made in Moncton) topped with wild blueberries. We chatted for a while, learning that her and her husband had been in a motor cycle accident with a bear a month ago and her husband was being released from the hospital today. Her house was busy with preparations to be wheelchair-friendly. So her day was already a frenzy, yet she took 45 minutes out to have beers with us. We took a road along the coast of the Atlantic all day, so the view was beautiful. We met Cassidy and Sherri at a great beach on the point upon our arrival in Bathurst and went for our first swim in the Atlantic Ocean. We had been able to sea it all day, and it was so refreshing to finally swim after a hot day of biking. We checked out some live music downtown this evening. We are all looking forward to a rest day tomorrow to chill on the beach! 

Our wonderful host, Sally! 

The old farm house where Sally and her family live. 

The Atlantic Ocean, at long last! 

Live music set up downtown. 

Downtown Bathurst. 

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