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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Collins Clan. Day 65. Along the St. Lawrence.

Québec City to Kamouraska
(Cate) Court and I met up with Dad at the ferry terminal to head over to Levis to start our 166 km day to Kamouraska. We blasted off 100 km before lunch. We were met by Sherri and Cassidy in the jeep wrangler in the afternoon, delivering us fresh fruits and veggies to fuel us. We took a trail overlooking the St. Lawrence River into Kamouraska. It was surrounded by beautiful purple wildflowers and vivid red berries. For the last 10 km, we could see past the bright yellow canola fields to Kamouraska, situated atop a bluff, right on the St. Lawrence. For picking this town solely based on it being the halfway point between Québec City and Rimouski, it was very quaint. We were tuckered out, but we arrived to cold beer courtesy of Sherri and Cassidy at a B&B in town. We all went to a pizzeria for dinner and then had soft serve ice cream dipped in maple flavoured white chocolate- this seems to be really popular in Québec so we need to enjoy it before get to New Brunswick in a few days. Cassidy joined Court and I in our tent and her first comment was 'this tent does not smell great.' What do you expect when three bikers have been sleeping in it for two months, not to mention a skunk incident?! It is really nice to have our little sister joining in on part of the cross Canada adventure! 

Au revoir Quebec City. 

View from the gorgeous river side trail. 

Kamouraska behind the abundant canola fields. 


The best sign ever. We have come to know and love the sign with the truck on a hill since it means our climbing will
Be rewarded by imminent descent. This was the first time I've seen it with a bike though so I was very excited (as seen above.) Quebec is very biker-friendly and it is amazing how many cyclists we see on the road. 

Helmet hair at its finest! 

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