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Monday, 21 July 2014

Birthday!!!!!/ Trois Rivière - Day 61

(Kelly) My birthday!!!!! It was lovely. We went to Timmy's for breakfast and picked up Mungo, said goodbye to Montreal, and had a great ride into Trois-Rivières. We stopped at subway to fill up on water and the team sang me happy birthday over cookies (courtesy of the Collins), then we headed back on the road. We had a great ride and about 15km out we stopped to ogle boys kit boarding, they were showing off a bit for team awesome! Also Danica broke her rack (somehow) so she was squeaking the whole way into town, luckily we found a welder on our way in who fixed it for free!!!! Then we went to an excellent ice cream shop for pre-dinner snack and had a wonderful salmon themed meal and Greek salad. We camped in a lovely park on the side of banks of the Rivière du Nord, somewhat illegally we think, but no camping was one of the few things not on the DO NOT DO sign. 

My Birthday Hat

We had the highway to ourselves at one point. 
The Happy Family! 

Kit Boarding 

Danica getting her rack welded/fixed. 

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