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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Day 54: Group Changes

Today was a sad day. After leaving our campsite Vroni announced she was done. Through different things including her injuries she was no longer having fun on this trip. The trip is all about having fun yet it was super hard to hear she was leaving. Her parents were on route to pick her up in Bancroft. Our final kms together were a sweet n salty end. Sweet as we are so proud of how much she has accomplished and how far she has pushed herself. Salty as she is our best friend, a huge part of each of this trip and will be hugely missed. Before hitting Bancroft we found Kawarthas icecream to swallow our sorrows and go through all of our stuff. We then continued downtown where we had some beer and lunch with her parents. They were so awesome to come up from Toronto for Vroni as well as buy us a wonderful meal. Too generous. The rest of the day was a quiet one. We had some lengthy delays: court forgetting her phone and having to retract 5km back to town and Laura loosing and retreating for her jacket. Eventually we got a bit down the road before camping in Hardwood Lake. Due to the delays we will be getting into Ottawa on Saturday and using a spare day to do it with. Overall everyone is a bit shell shocked and still wondering where our sixth is. Veronika did say we might see her in Ottawa as she plans to do some site seeing. Hopefully that's the case as I know we all need our German to watch the World Cup game with on Sunday! 


Pathetically waiting for Courtney

Hardwood Lake

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