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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Day 42 Old Woman's Bay to Randomly past Montreal River

(Kelly) it was freaking hot. I wanted to kill myself. It wasn't all bad actually but a lot happened. The night was terrifying for our tent (cate and Laura) because Cate, getting up in the middle of the night, spotted a bear on the beach which MAY have been charging towards our tent. So we spent the night huddled together in terror accepting our inevitable demise, until we got too tired. Personally, after several hours of fear, I decided the bear could eat me but I had to go to bed. Then we woke up on the beautiful beach and headed out. Danica started off her day with her (somewhat traditional) morning flat tire, and then we were off! It was already muggy out and we were in the middle of Lake Superior Provincial Park. We had a lovely lunch at Cathrines Cove which turned into an afternoon nap on the beach (the first one Danica let us have! Mostly because she'd passed out right along with us). We also stopped at the pictographs later that day in hopes of water and maybe seeing them but it was a big hill down to no water so no one felt like seeing them after that. We climbed back up the hill and kept on down the road until we hit the info centre at Batchawana Bay where we cooled off. We met up with our friend Bill who was also filling up on water and taking a break. It was all ok except for the last hill into Montreal Harbour. It was boiling, there was a headwind, and it was at the end of the day. We countered it though, of course! And then headed into the nearest gas station for ice cream, dripping with sweat. The nice man at the chip truck recommended a stealth camping site right on Lake Superioir about 10km down the road. We headed over and set up camp. We were all greatful for the freezing cold waters of the lake and watched one of the bet sunsets on the trip so far. It was a boiling hot day, and the first day I truelly felt that his trip was completely insane but it had a happy ending. 

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