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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Two month anniversary

Day 62 into Quebec City
(Kelly) Today was Danica's birthday!!!  
We left yet another one of our illegal campsites and headed for Quebec City. 
 It was a long ride where we followed the route verte and the Chemin Roy for the majority of the day. We passed some really beautiful cottages and stopped for lunch at a nice rest stop where there were lots of bikers doing the popular route between Montreal and Quebec City. 
As we were passing a fruit stand Courtney ran over a piece of metal and got a flat. 
Sucks to get a flat, but perfect location. While Courtney changed the tire the rest of us purchased and ate fresh raspberries and cookies. 
What nice friends we are. 
As we started to enter Quebec City we joined up with yet another bike path which was awesome to ride into the city on. And gave us a great view of Quebec City. 
As we made our turn off the bike path up towards out hostel. We were met with with a one way STEEP hill so choosing to obey the laws we walked our bikes up the side walk. 
But the hills weren't done. 
I don't know if you've ever ridden in Quebec City but if you're planning to make sure that you're not riding a one speed. 
As we made our way up one of our last hills there was actually a couple on the side of the road clapping for us. Feeling special we powered our way up to find ourselves in a main square with a street performer. 
Focused on our hostel we kept going.  ( making sure to come back later) 
We arrived at the international hostel and were greeted by Cate and Courtney's dad, Sherri and sister Cassidy who had been nice enough to bring us beers! 
After a quick chat we parted ways to shower and get ready, only to meet back up with them for Danica and Kelly's birthday dinners at a lovely Italian restaurant. 
 Unfortunately we were all exhausted from a couple long day and didn't make it out our first night in Quebec. 
All in all a good day and an excellent birthday for Danica.
One of the many enormous churches in Quebec 

Nice view of crossing a bridge 
View of Quebec from the bike path. 

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