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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Day 64.

(Danica) This morning our group decided to part ways for a few days. Courtney and Cate want to go the original way we planned through Shediac along the coast however Laura, Kelly and I prefer to go down through Fredericton. Our blog and updates will be the same as we plan to update together individually. We hope to meet up and cross the confederation bridge together. 

After a breaky together (wouldn't say good nor bad but just a breaky due to an annoying guy who wouldn't leave and stop asking questions) Kelly Laura and I headed out to get the 8:30 ferry. Made the ferry and big hill when Laura got a flat tire... And a soft one! Ok life is not fun but let's change them. Working together we finally got them changed when we realized BOTH OF OUR PUMPS WERE BROKEN! Two flats, two broken pumps, we had gone no where and the bike shop didn't open for another two hours! 
Eventually some super nice people who had bikes on their car stopped and asked if they could help. They pumped us up but still we were not home free. One of the tires had a bulge (basically the tube is in wrong and needs to be deflated, adjusted and re-inflated) And We still had no pump for future problems. So being we already waited an hour what was another one. Difference is Laura could now bike so we went to Tim's! Eventually two hours later, lunch and an amazing bike store we were off! Then we got lost!! Yup typical us.. But this nice guy helped us and insted of telling us where to go he made a continuous traffic jam as we followed him. Didn't know racing up a hill after a truck was on my list-to-do but it's now done! We did manage to make up ALL of the lost time and rolled into our destination at 100km later at Saint-Jean Port Joli!  Very proud of us :)

Au Revoir Quebec la Ville
Helpful friends. 
Traffic jam guy
Pretty ride along River
My selfie
Laura's selfie
Kelly's selfie

Collins Clan
(Cate) We saw off Danica and the nurses this morning before setting out to find 'the best chocolate' in Quebec City, as recommended by our tour guide yesterday. This entailed a place called Erico, which is both a museum and a chocolate vendor. We had the most delicious ice cream of life: vanilla soft serve dipped in salty caramel chocolate. We then went for a wander on the Plains of Abraham and met up with Christy, a friend from university! Dad and Sherri took us on an adventure in the jeep wrangler to visit Montmorency Falls. The waterfall is taller than Niagara Falls, and was pretty spectacular! We then went over to Ile d'Orleans to taste 'famous ice cider,' made from frozen apples. We also stopped at a black currant winery where they have the most delicious sangria and black currant liqueur. Dad has been practicing his French with the locals. Today we were coming down in the elevator when a gentleman got on. Dad wanted to clarify that he was going down which spiked Courtney to ask how to say it in French. The guy and I said 'en bas' at the same time. A couple seconds later, the elevator opened again to a couple and Dad asked 'en bas?' to which they smoothly replied 'oui' and stepped in. We all burst out laughing and had to explain how far his French is coming along after only a few days of immersion. Just wait until we reach the small towns in Quebec where speaking English with a French accent no longer works to speak to the locals. 

Salty caramel cones of joy. 

On the Plains of Abraham with Christy. 

Montmorency Falls with the fam. 

At one of many cidrerie's on the island!

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