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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Day 51: Orillia to Kelly's Cottage..


(Courtney) Our tents spend half of their lives damp, stuffed into air tight bags, and the other half with three smelly bikers sleeping and breathing in them. So at this point in the trip, they don't smell so nice at the best of times but this morning when we woke up they smelt TERRIBLE. We tried to blame each other before we figured out that a visiting skunk in the night had sprayed our campsite. He'd also brought his friend raccoon who'd helped himself to most of our snacks and a couple slices of bread and had torn a hole in our cooler bag. Thanks buddies! Now everything -particularly Danica - stinks. We got on the road, Danica riding down wind, heading towards Lindsay. Kelly was our master navigator today and took us on a zig zag route down lots of quiet country roads. I almost got run over by some jerk who decided to turn right right in front of me. I slammed on my brakes which caused Laura to almost crash into Danica and she fell over. Other than that it was great riding. We blasted the tunes and chatted all morning. The media and our adoring fans were meeting us in Lindsay for lunch so we pushed 86 km to get there before stopping. Laura nearly starved to death. She was making her last requests (Kelly gets all her clothing if I remember correctly). Fortunately we made it in before she collapsed. Barbara, from the Lindsay newspaper, met us at the timmies to ask us some questions and take a few photos. She wrote an awesome article check it out - http://www.mykawartha.com/news-story/4624901-six-friends-embark-on-the-journey-of-a-lifetime/
Kelly's family drove into the parking lot honking and waving homemade signs. I think there might have been a few tears. We all sat down in the park to devour 50 timbits (thanks uncle Colin) and our sandwiches. 
We biked the remaining 20ish km to the cottage at lightning speed. Kelly was leading and may have been a little excited. Danica's family met us at the turn off with some cold beers and we spent the last 3km mastering the art of biking with a beer in hand. 
Chef Colin cooked up some delicious salmon filets for dinner and we spent a very enjoyable evening hanging out with Kelly and Danica's families. 

Our adoring fans 
 Danica - the black belt beer drinker
Kelly - The Sensei Sipper
Laura - the Champion Chugger
The Collins sisters - the Golden Guzzelers 

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