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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Collins Clan. Day 67.

Rimouski to Amqui: 113 km. 
(Cate) We always pass cool places on the road early in the morning before they open. This morning it was a winery where they make their products with honey. Fortunately, it was blinking OPEN despite being just past 9 AM. It is never to early to taste wine, right? We got a bottle of blueberry honey wine and a few chocolates with a honey cream filling. What a good start to the day! Cassidy loves honey, so we sent her and Sherri to check it out while we rode. We said goodbye to the gulf of St. Lawrence and turned inland to bike towards New Brunswick. We met a young guy, Alex, on the road who was cycling from Toronto to the Gaspé Peninsula. Conversing with him made the afternoon go faster. At one point my bikini bottoms, which were drying on the back of my bike, fell onto the road. He noticed and paused before informing me, somewhat awkwardly, that my 'bathing attire' had fallen. Sorry to embarrass the poor guy. We met up with Sherri and Cassidy and then all went for swims (and bonus showers and laundry for Court and I) in Lake Matapédia. We then had a barbecue dinner in a park. Sherri and Cassidy kindly go 'hunting and gathering' for supplies while we are biking during the day. Tonight's dinner was delicious: corn on the cob, ribs, Caesar salad and of course some honey wine. We set up camp at the tourist information center, great for picnic tables, a source of water and electricity for... FREE! 

Dad told us he had three stories to share about biking. 
1) When he was a young boy he used to have a nice, silver bike which he used to roam around his neighbourhood in North Vancouver. One time he was biking quickly when the chains skipped and he canned himself on his handlebar. 
2) He spent countless hours teaching Courtney to ride a bike outside our old house on Abbott street, with me watching from the grass. She would peddle a few times and then bail into the grass beside the sidewalk. 
3) As a result of watching Courtney learn to ride a bike, I picked it up really quickly. The three of us would bike around downtown Kelowna with me furiously trying to keep up on my tiny bike. Apparently it was quite attention grabbing since I was really young. 
After this trip, he should have countless more! 

Leaving Rimouski. Boardwalk along the St. Lawrence. 

Outside the honey winery. 

Made it to Amqui. Last day in Quebec. 

That's fishy. 

Cassidy caught Sherri in flight!

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