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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Day 66 Collins Clan Kamouraska to Rimouski


(Courtney) It was already hot when we woke up this morning. I'd slept cuddling my sleeping bag rather than inside or underneath it. We packed up and got on the road pretty quickly: we had a lot of kilometres ahead of us and we could already tell it was going to be a cooker. 

The roads were excellent again this morning. Quebec has done a fantastic job with the "route verte" - a network of trails, bike paths, and cyclist friendly roads. Their reputation for being cyclist friendly seems to have gotten around, we've met people from all over who've come here to cycle along the St. Lawrence. 

Our first class entourage (Cassidy and Sherri) caught up to us after a couple hours with raspberry, yogurt, granola parfaits. Mmm. 

The kilometres were sailing by today. We had an awesome tailwind boosting us along all afternoon. Dad and I were trying to think up ways to attach an actual sail to our bikes. We didn't come up with anything feasible but we still have a lot of kilometres to think about it. 
The last 40 km were some of the hottest we've biked through all summer. We had to keep taking breaks in shady spots just to cool off a little. Eventually, hot and sweaty, we made it to Rimouski. 
After a few goes on the hotel water slide and bit of sangria we were feeling much better. We all piled into the jeep to find a spot on the beach for a picnic. Sherri had found a disposable BBQ at the dollar store, so we had some delicious steaks and watched the sun set over the St. Lawrence for the last time on this trip. Tomorrow we head inland towards New Brunswick!

Pretty canola fields 
St. Lawrence river. Can you see the other side?
Dinner in the making
The satisfied customers.
LOVE... Nailed it. 

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