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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Laura's Birthday!

(Kelly) A fairly uneventful ride into South Baymouth. Standard cold morning and we (Cate) had a flat about 10km before our day was over and right when we got going. We got to the ferry terminal and had enough time for lunch before it launched. They had a lovely indoor visitor centre out of the cold which was nice and a beaver dam, which may have been for children, but it was very warm and had shelving. We all piled in, except Vroni, and had lunch. The ferry itself was pretty fun too!  We had a couple beers and played some cards. Unfortunately halfway through there was a fire drill so the barman had to leave us for a little bit, which was upsetting. Naturally when we landed in Tobermory we went for a couple more birthday drinks at the nearest bar. Laura got the full song and dance when our waitress found out it was her birthday and we all shared in the free dessert. Then we walked around the adorable town of Tobermory, had a beaver tail, then went back to the pub for a Birthday Dinner. The waitress wanted to give us more free things but Danica's honest got the better of her and told her we'd already gotten loads of stuff earlier. The waitress said it was not problem and gave Laura a free drink anyway! Then we headed back to the campsite, all full and tired. Over all a very good day. Thank you to Mr. Drennan for picking out and paying for our campsite! 

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