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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Collins Clan: Day 68 Amqui to Campbellton


(Courtney) How did we kick off our Thursday you ask? With a tailgate party of course! Ok, so our red solo cups were full of orange juice instead of beer and we were eating bananas rather than hotdogs but we weren't going to a football game. We were biking to New Brunswick. 

Dad had predicted last night that today would be "all down hill" (Cate and I gave him the evil eyes - you just don't tempt the universe with assertions like that cause the universe can be a bitch). He, luckily, turned out to be pretty much right. The Matapédia river, famous for Salmon fishing, ran alongside the road today and it was a gradual slope down towards the Atlantic all day. Well except for a few up hills thrown in just to spice things up. 

We were knocking off the kilometres pretty quickly while we were on bikes, the only problem was we kept finding reasons to get off them. There were photo opps, suspension bridges, visits from Cassidy and Sherri, and pee breaks just to name a few. Well we are doing this trip to see the country so it's sometimes nice to take a little time to do just that. 

So on we went. Dad, Cate and I seeing what we could see from our bicycle seats; Sherri and Cassidy seeing how many times they could get the jeep stuck in the mud (2? 3?). We all met up for a few photos at the welcome to New Brunswick/Quebec signs then went to the very helpful Campbellton tourist info centre. They suggested we camp at the lighthouse hostel. It's awesome. It is literally a functional lighthouse with a hostel in the bottom. 
We hit the bar for a quick drink and some deep fried clams then went across the street for another beautiful sunset beach dinner. 
New Brunswick, I like you so far. 

Tailgating at 7am. Like a boss.  

Giant salmon chair. 

Cate never saw it coming. 

Another province down!

By far the best city sign. 

The hostel. 

The sun setting over Quebec. 

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