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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Day 67: Swimming through Sweat

Saint-Bastile - Perth-Andover 95km

(Danica) Humidity... Let me tell you I'm from a semi-desert and this moisture stuff is crazy! Today was much better then the last few days. Honestly you walk outside and expect it to be raining but it's not! More or less today was a boring biking day. All of us were feeling the relapses from being on gravel for two days. Don't get me wrong I love those bike trails but after a while they kill our hands and arms. Today was a pavement day, however pavement means hills with bumps and lumps. Railway lines are just so flat so it's a new thing again. We had two tough hills which were lovely, obviously. Lunch was lovely (found the fattest cat across Canada) after 85kms but then we were done and went far enough to find a cafe, then a bar, then a campsite with a bar! Haha ok so we felt instantly better and had the most wonderful afternoon! The bar was wonderful and the gentleman gave us amazing appy to share with seafood. The campground owner was fabulous and made us burgers with the best fries! Mmm so lovely! Even had a tv to catch up on worldly news! Apparently there is a washed out bridge up ahead and we would of had to do a huge detour but then the camp bartender told us there was a old railroad bridge we can walk our bikes over. Tomorrow we will attempt this... What could possible go wrong? 

Grand Falls

Trail avoided
Anoover River

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