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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Half a hundred.

Collingwood to Orillia, 120 km! 

(Cate) This morning we had a feast for breakfast. We are talking muffins, pancakes, bacon, hash browns and a spread of fruit courtesy of the Hollands and Drennans. We didn't realize how sick we are of our plain and repetitive camp food until we had the luxury of family providing us with delicious meals. Today was dubbed 'detour Sunday' early on. We originally set out along a highway where bikers were banned and had to backtrack to another road parallel. Naturally, this road was closed due to construction but we are rebels and therefore passed through anyways. After some gravel roads and much construction, we made it to Wasaga Beach, the longest freshwater beach in Canada! After a lunch break in Barrie, we took an old rail bed trail to reach Orillia. We were very grateful to avoid all the traffic after some busy, shoulder-less roads in the morning. In Orillia, we toured through waterfront park and back through waterfront park in our attempts to find the Mara provincial park campground. Google then led us to a non-existant bridge to cross Lake Simcoe and we had to backtrack to the car bridge. Upon reaching the campground, we were greeted by the Wilkinsons and a cooler chalk full of beverages. In the name of keeping hydrated, we all enjoyed a post-workout drink. Laura's aunt Janet, uncle Scott and their son Matthew were also there. Her aunt gave us all goodie bags with chocolate, hand sani, and lots of road snacks. Greatly appreciated by all of us! They went off for dinner and we went to Wild Wing with the Wilkinsons and family friends Loretta and Peter. Upon our return to camp, Danica went to bed and I decided to go make friends at an adjacent site. Courtney and Kelly joined me and we played beer ping and flip cup with our newfound friends. Kelly went off to bed and then we headed to the beach with Cory, Dave and Martha for a late night swim in the warm waters of Lake Simcoe, largest lake entirely within Ontario. We then had a big bonfire and Cory made us midnight mozzarella burgers for a snack. Knowing we would be promptly awoken at 6 AM to hit the road, Courtney and I headed off to bed. A raccoon had been perusing the campsites and we each took turns chasing him up trees while we attempted  to secure all of the food. 

Breakfast spread. 

Wasaga Beach. 

Ribfest in Barrie!

The awesome rail trail! 

Dead-end, thanks google. 

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