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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Collins Clan. Day 70 Rest Day

Rest day Bathurst 0km

(Courtney) We had decided that today was going to be a relaxed, do nothing, sort of rest day and I got it off to a flying start by sleeping in untill 10:30. The morning consisted of a few games of cards at our yacht club campsite before Sherri and Dad picked us up for a bit of exploring. 

Our first destination was the thrift store in downtown Bathurst. Cate and I bought a few items - Cassidy has kindly agreed to lend us some space in her suitcase so we don't have to carry them all the way to Newfoundland. Main Street was lined with all sorts of old and new cars for the Bathurst car show. There were some pretty sweet old cars in mint condition and a few that looked like they must have been pushed there. After we'd had our fill of old cars and tourist shops we picked up a few things for a picnic lunch and headed to Dad and Sherri's motel. 

The sun was out and motel had some very comfy lounge chairs. Dad taught us how to play shuffle board. We proceeded to kick his butt - well he says he was letting us win. After we'd played enough shuffle board to work up an appetite we headed back downtown to check out a local restaurant, cafe gourmet, that specialized in local seafood. Ordering was the hardest part of the whole day! I wanted one of everything. It was delicious!

The only thing we hadn't managed to get around all day to was swimming. So when we got back to the campsite we went for our first ever skinny dip in the Atlantic Ocean. A refreshing end to a lovely day. 
One of my faves 

Shuffleboarding it up. 

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