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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Day 65. Roasty. Toasty.

We set out from our campground right behind a man who was heading home to Montreal from his bike trip up the coast and back. There have been TONS of bikers along the coastal route since we've crossed the ferry and Quebec has definitely been one of the best provinces for bike paths. 
We were making our way to Rivière-de-Loup when we came across a detour sign. Seeing that the detour included a hill, and cars seemed to be travelling on the closed road, we decided after a brief chat with a runner that we would chance it. 
Everything seemed to be working out smoothly until we hit a man in a truck with an obvious construction zone happening on our road behind him. We stopped and asked him what we should do, and for some reason he said we could go on ahead. It's only 3km. 
Sure why not. So on we headed through an active construction zone, with dump trucks dumping things, dirt roads, water being sprayed and a bunch of construction men wondering what we were doing there. 
BUT we made it, with everything still intact... Almost. Right before the construction zone I had unclipped my shoe from my pedal only to watch something black fall to the ground. It turns out that one of the screws that holds my clips in had fallen out. Not only that but as we would find out later at Canadian Tire, the nut in the shoe had actually RUSTED OUT.  What luck I have. 
Luckily I did make it to Canadian tire in Rivière-de-Loup and my clips are now somewhat attached to my shoe. 

After we sorted out our issues in town we found the Trans Canada path called Petit-Temis which leads you all the way into Edmunston. (Definitely worth checking out). 
Along the path are a lot of places to camp with toilets (with toilet paper included) and picnic tables. 
We were lucky enough to find one with a place to swim too. 
After a long HOT day we were ready for bed. 
Me trying to fix my shoe 
View over the lake 
Our campsite 
Some wanted fly on some fly off. This was the compromise. I.e. You're still getting wet if it rains. 
The Petit-Temis trail
Some of the fields we passed. With mountains in the distance. 
Another awesome view
The construction zone we went through
The view from our lunch spot. 

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