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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Day 46 Blind River to Birch Island


(Courtney) Last night we waited until after the fireworks to set up camp in a little grassy park by the river. There weren't any signs specially saying that you couldn't camp there - as good as an invitation to us. We woke up early and got on the road before anyone noticed us there. It was easy riding along the 17 this morning. Pretty busy and not much of a shoulder in sections but it was relatively flat and the wind was cooperating. We stopped for lunch in Massey then took a side route called Lee Valley Road. Hardly any traffic other than one very diligent guard dog who jumped in front of us on the road and nearly caused a pile up. We turned south at Espanloa towards Manitoulin Island. So beautifully rugged. The terrain got a lot hillier but I thought the views were worth it. We went down to the marina in Birch Island to ask if we could camp there. We probably would have cried if they're said no because it was down a very steep hill but they let us stay. Lake Huron is incredibly warm so we ended our day with a swim and some delicious burgers by chef Danica. 

One sign we won't have any trouble obeying 
Us racing a speed meter! 58 up a hill. Were getting good
Home tonight. 

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