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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Day 48 - First Family Day

Tobermory (Crypress Lake) to Sauble

(Danica) Rised and shined out of or lovely camp ground where we were entertained with some playful squirrels. They were running in and out of the trees after each other which was very cute. 70km to our lunch destination of a lovely farmers market, all of us were so happy to get fresh baking and be ahead of schedule. Mabye naps and quiet time was in our future afternoon! We then went to the "famous" Sauble Falls where my whole day went sidewards.. I noticed my wallet was missing. F.M.L.  We continued on to the cabin of Laura's Uncles Friend, Colin! He is super nice to put all six of us up in his shack and let us have warm inside beds while he slept on the couch!! Laura's absolutely lovely family (grandmother, grandfather and parents) came to visit and make us dinner. So special for Laura to see her family for the second time this year. Brian (Laura's dad) drove me graciously to the farmers market and past all of our pee breaks in the afternoon... But with no luck I didn't find my wallet. We then went back into Sauble to find some groceries for our next day lunch when it was next to an RBC. I quickly ran in as they were closing. After a lengthily explanation of the bike trip along with missing wallet I convinced them to try and see if I could pass their questions to give me a temporary card. Ohhh my they asked hard questions!! Like where have we been in the last week and where exactly did I spend money on my debit. Store names, amount, ect... I failed at this. Then they asked me to sign my signature on a piece of paper to verify it. Haha well I have numb hands and couldn't sign it well enough. The one lady tried to compare it but just frankly said "nope doesn't match at all!" Eventually with enough convincing and passing a few questions (address name birthdate) I got a card and some cash!! Better just need to solve a couple more life problems. We then return to the cabin when I finally addressed my family as they had left a few voicemails. Yes I may have avoided this earlier but to my perfect surprise they found my wallet location!! A wonderful couple picked it up randomly on the side of the road and contacted my old work. They contacted my father, bla bla bla and before Bryan could have a beer (sorry) we were off again to find them couple and my wallet at Pike Bay. A HUGE shout out to Dave and Sandy for saving my life! They are the most amazing people ever and I honestly would have continuous problem for the next sixty days if it wasn't for their generosity and effort to find me. Overall returned to the cabin just in time for dinner with no relaxing for me or Laura. So happy to have a wallet and kinda just a bit depressed we drove our whole biking day twice over. Dinner with the Drennans was absolutely fabulous. Laura has such an amazing and giving family. None of us know how to thank people enough and hope they know we truly are so grateful for everything they do. 

Lunch spot

Sauble Beach!


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