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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day 70: Fredericton to Grand Lake

(Kelly) So we weren't really sure what to expect when we got into Fredericton but the Highland games got us. We slept in until 10! Got up, slowly made our way out of the hotel room, and onto the highway. We only took one wrong turn (onto a horrible bike path/jungle trail). Then 15km down the road we stopped for a glorious breakfast and recap of the evenings events. By the time we got back on the road it was almost 2 but we still managed to squeeze in 90km before 5 and Laura's flat tire. The flat tire that almost killed us. We had to change it twice because the first one pinched AND Laura's tires HATE us and are impossible to get on. It took an HOUR to change the thing!!!!! All in all though it ended well and we made it to our campsite in one peice, completely pooped.

Breaky place

Tire change 
Grand Lake. Biggest in New Brunswick 

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