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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Day 69: Highland Games

Great Bear Camping into Fredericton!  59km

(Danica) After not finding a Convince store to get breaky supplies for the morning yesterday, we got a suggestion for a restaurant from the very nice lady at the campsite. She said 15 mins in a car down the road, over a dam and they are on the river. So we broke camp early and were out by 7 to go for some coffee and chocolate chip pancakes. Laura has a huge obsession with choc chip pancakes! I think the dew was still forming on the farmers fields as we passed. It's so beautiful biking early morning with the sun rising over the river and no traffic! After biking 20 kms we started to assume it'd be just around the corner, or just over the next rise. Then I started to think "like seriously how fast does this lady drive!" We stopped once to try and google it but no such luck so we just kept biking... Hungry! Finally at the 37 km mark we found a cute diner which was open and happening! Not the one originally suggested and we Never found that dam! Oh well you lose some you win some.. And this diner had choc chip pancakes (miracle!) Afterwards it was a short 20 km into Fredericton where we biked across a great walking bridge on route to the motel. We got ready and hit the town by 2ish. We had poutine with lobster and bacon at the lighthouse patio then grab icecream and walked through the downtown streets. Fredericton is smaller then Kamloops and yet the capital city! After walking just one street we found the Friday happy hour bar where beers were 2 for 1! After a few rounds Kelly and Laura went to the washroom and I was left alone.. Not to worry a creepy guy came over and asked where I was from. I said Kenora Ontario! Why?! Who knows but he immediately said he loved the place and was close once in Toronto. Then he asked what there is to do in Kenora and I replied wake boarding! Mean less to say when Kelly and Laura came back he asked them if they were professional wake boarders as well and if they'd be in the competition this weekend in Fundy. Haha Kelly's face "wake boarding?! No I'm not as good as Danica!" Bahahha! This was a perfect beginning to our evening where we were going to the Highland Games Festival!! Yes we timed it right to see Kelly's Scottish people's festival! Her family is huge Scott supporters and love the Highland games back home! All of the main tree tossing, kilt running, games are on Sat but we were there for the kickoff party! Beers, burgers and laughter made one of the funnest evenings of the trip! The band was amazing!! All of our yeeehaaa's and whoop whoop's came in handy as we joined in with the Scotts for the evening! Everyone here is so so so nice! The Shriner club were over the top when the found out what we were doing this summer and then told everyone else! This couple at our table reminded me of my parents just loving the party and dancing. They kept buying us beer to congratulate us on our accomplishment! A guy came over and offered for us to stay at his place. The band (Salty Dog) afterwards signed everything Kelly asked for and then one of the volunteers drove us home to our motel! Sorry if we had a few to many beers and our conversation was all over the place. Such a great great evening and worth the change in route to Fredericton! Who knew such an awesome city was sitting here waiting for us! 
Choc chip pancakes

Walking bridge 
Saint johns river 
Danica and Laura 
Our 2 for 1 place
Highland Games !!
Salty Dog band. 

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