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Friday, 1 August 2014

Collins Clan: Day 72 Miramichi to Shediac


(Courtney) The sound of rain pounding against our treehouse roof woke us up this morning. We decided to stay in bed for an extra half hour to see if it would let up a little. It did, but when we climbed down for treetop abode we noticed that we had another problem. A raccoon had gotten into our food box. The delicious wraps Cate had made for lunch and out leftover marshmallows had vanished. Stupid raccoon, I hope he got a stomach ache. 

Dad had decided to take his bike to Moncton to get his broken spoke fixed so he wouldn't be biking with us today. Well played Dad, missing the only rainy so far. Oh and we had a head wind all day. 

Not long after we set out we met a guy who was cycling from Montreal to Halifax in five days. A total 1300km and 4 provinces. We wished him good luck and he peddled off at lightning speed. Dad and the crew caught up to us in Richibuckto (Timbuckto's twin city). They had brought us a few supplies to make up what the raccoon had stolen. Thanks guys! 

In another town called Bouctouche we stopped for lunch outside the tourist info office and guess who pulled up a few minutes later? Our speedy friend from earlier. We thought he'd have been long gone as our destination was his halfway point. He told us some stories of crazy 600km 30 hour straight bike races he'd participated in. He was a pretty cool guy and left us feeling like the 100 odd km we do in a day are pretty insignificant. 

After lunch it was only another 30ish km to go. The sun started to come out and dried us and all our soggy thing a bit. We stopped for pictures with the biggest lobster in the world on our way into town then cycled to the other side of Shediac to find the little cabin that dad and Sherri had rented for the two nights we'll be here.

The rents went off to play a round of golf while Cate, Cassidy and I lounged on the couch for a couple hours. It was glorious. I forget how much I like couches sometimes. 
Later we fried up some burgers on the BBQ and went for a little drive around town in search of ice cream. Almost every thing in Shediac was closed except for the DQ. Perfect. 
And we'll be keeping our food inside tonight. Sorry mr. Raccoon. 

A sketchy bridge we crossed

Our speedy friend

Rock Lobsta!!!

Dinner :)

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