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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Best weekend ever!! - Days 76/77/78

(Kelly) Laura and I spent the weekend in Halifax and it was excellent. Halifax was one of the places I was most excited to see on this trip, other then St. John's. 
We dropped off our bikes on Friday at the spa and hopped into the shuttle. We had a fabulous driver into the city with excellent life tips from boys to interior design. Lovely man. 
We got into Halifax and headed out into  the night. Our first stop was a weird smooth jazz bar which was a mistake and super quiet but we were already sitting and the waiter came over.....so we were obligated to have a beer. Our next stop was much more our pace and we hung out for a while. Good start to the weekend. 
We slept in. Glorious. Then we headed out, checked out the board walk and farmers market, and took in the city. And it's beautiful. Halifax definitely makes my top five cities of the trip, easily. Then we met up with Clare (one of Laura's really good fiends) and her friends (Alex, Allison, Meghan, and Bronwyn) for a great night out. We went to a couple of pubs, including the Keith's pub, the Red Stage Tavern, for the best fish and chips I've ever had (and the best beer, which goes without saying). Then we had a hilarious end to the evening filled with discounted baked goods. Too many cupcakes. Best night ever. 
We slept in (again! :D) then we checked out of the hotel and walked around the city a bit more, deeming today the day of tourist activities (rather then pubs). We checked out the maritime museum which was actually really interesting. Then we checked out the Citadel and had some lunch. We also headed to the Keith's brewery for a tour (which technically doesn't count as a pub). It was great! Although it was very high energy and they made us chug two beers. I mean MADE might be an exaggeration. But it was great. I had butterflies. Thank you Mr. Keith, we like it a lot. 

We found a Cows Ice Cream :) 

This is how they do the drunk tank in Hali

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