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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Day 74: Pei here we come

Leaving our campsite this morning we had our sites set on a NEW PROVINCE! making it to the bridge we called the shuttle service and wandered around the visitor information/ gift store to have one our first looks at pei! 
The shuttle arrived and we all unloaded our bikes and loaded them into a trailer  
Off we went across the confederation bridge!! 
fun fact; if you ride across the confederation bridge you will probably get stopped. And get a ticket for 75 dollars, and get picked up by the shuttle. There's only been one guy who made it fully across the bridge. the cop was waiting for him on the other side and they actually ended up laughing about the whole thing and snapping a quick picture of the cop, the man and his ticket. 
Oh the east coast. 
Getting off the shuttle we had to explore the tourist village on pei  AND have our first taste of cows Ice cream on the island. 
Making our way to the into Charlottetown on the trans Canada, we decided to stop for lunch at a chip shack before heading into cows creamery for a quick tour and gander at their classic shirts. Finally rolling into town we found our hostel, got ready and hit the town. 
We met up with cate court and Cassidy for dinner but split again as they decided for the tamer evening of checking out the festival while Danica Kelly and I decided we needed to get some drinking in. 
Having closed down one bar, we proceeded onto wacky Wednesday at Peeks and ended up closing down that one as well. 
pei's slogan is "come for the island stay for the party"...And they weren't wrong. 

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