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Friday, 1 August 2014

Collins Clan. Day 74. Perfect Evening Indeed!

Shediac to Charlottetown. 138 km.

(Cate) We rode through New Brunswick this morning, expecting to see the confederation bridge at the top of every rolling hill. They really kept us guessing though since we finally saw the bridge from 2 km away. There was a whole mirage of signs telling us that no, we could not ride the almost 13 km across Confederation Bridge onto Prince Edward Island. Sherri had the shuttle driver awaiting our arrival so we were quickly on board and driving across to PEI, province number 8!! The shuttle driver was grumpy at first, but dad chatted him up until he came around. We learned that the bridge was placed in 750 m sections and the curve is because that is where the bedrock lies, which is how they secured the supports. We had lunch in PEI at the welcome area. It is massive and is chalk full of tourist, liquor, shopping and candy stores. Courtney reasoned they only have a few points of entry and exit to their province so they can really jazz them up. We carried on biking towards Charlottetown. First thing we saw along the road was endless fields of PEI potatoes planted in the red dirt. They even had signs saying 'Rows and Rows of PEI Potatoes.' Well, I guess dinner ought to be potato salad, mash, fries, pot pie and a side of baked potato. I found a highway through the middle of the island to get us off the Trans Canada since it was quite busy and to it off a few kilometers. Shortly after turning into the road, a series of steep, rolling hills started. I just figured we weren't going to get enough exercise and fancied a challenge. Also, it was dads last day and he needed to make up for skipping the day into Shediac. We even passed by the base of a ski hill along the way, not a good sign when you're cycling. We got into Charlottetown and Court and I beelined for a bike shop to do a bit of maintenance. Apparently my brakes were not worn through, they just needed to be tightened. Hopefully they last me through Newfoundland, I don't want to get caught flintstoning ever. We checked into the hostel; we are staying in a tiny, sweltering attic room. We showered to look like respectable humans again and then set out on the town with Cassidy. We met with Danica, Laura and Kelly for dinner at a fish and chip joint. Most of our meals came complete with PEI potatoes in one form or another. We then went down to the Confederation Festival, celebrating 150 years since the Charlottetown conference. We drank some delicious strawberry sangria and listened to live music. Perfect Evening Indeed. 

Goodbye coastal New Brunswick. 

Famous PEI potatoes!

Last day biking with papa mungo, and our third province together! 

Partying like we started a country!

And this goes on ALL SUMMER LONG!

Who is your confederation daddy? Mine was Hector-Louis Langevin. 

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