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Monday, 11 August 2014

Day 85: Cold Rainy Windy Bertha

Corner Brook to No where gas station. (White Bay) 96km

(Danica) Waking up in a park with rain looming on all the side hills is just how we wanted to start OUR LAST SUNDAY of biking! So we went to Tim's for our favourite double double and time killing events. Aka sitting there looking like our coffees were still full. After a good hour we started to move along down the road to our midway goal.. A Tim's in Deer Lake 50km away. We started off and had the worst head wind of Newfoundland! It was terrible. We each did ten km at a time in front to draft for each other. Drafting is something we've all mastered by now. I was behind Cate all day and stared at the world famous wizard Chamellon. If you don't remember Kelly got stuck following Cate a different windy day and ended up naming and making a story of her fender. Back to drafting... It's a tough skill following someone five-ish inches behind someone's tire. Too close you can hit tires or if a bit on the side you can hit a pannier. Too far away you can be absolutely blasted by the wind and be forced to fall back a few meters... This is tragic as then you have to hustle up again against the wind. Hard skill, the pedalling and breaking, especially for one hundred kilometres all day long! Tim's hosted a lovely lunch of chilli and warm drinks though they could have turned off the AC. I honestly froze all day and was wearing every layer but my sweater. They also had a sign saying no loitering around. 20mins max... Haha good joke Tim! The afternoon proved to be just as misty rainy and windy. No shadow from the sun but we did see our rain reflection underneath us. Close enough right? We arrived at this gas station right before our 100km mark. Perfect a home-cooking restaurant and a place to camp. Thanks to a random blog for the tip as we really enjoyed knowing we could have dinner here tonight. The restaurant people were so lovely and really made our night terrific! 

So far Newfoundland has been beautiful. We passed the main ski hill today which looked very impressive. There was also a skyline trek course which looked like fun. We wanted to go but the rain stopped us. The roads have been good... I mean road. We've followed just the number one and it took the whole country of being called the Trans Canada Hwy for the newfies to abbreviate it to T.C.H. Shoulder has been good and drivers are very nice. Overall a very lovely place so far besides Bertha and this weather. Who ever thought it was a good idea to bike across this country in the coldest summer ever!

Getting close.. 

Tim's stop one

Miserable weather

Good joke Tim 

Cards in the tent

Our camp spot

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