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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Day 80: fog and cape Breton

Waking up to a foggy morning we packed up and had our bagels. Kelly donned her high vis. vest and we were on our way. We pedalled the short distance to Cape Breton Island where the weirdest most amazing thing happened. As we were biking a man came out of his house asked us where we were going. Then proceeded to yell "welcome to novvvvva scotia!!!" In a big east coast accent and LIGHT a fire work. 
What?!...we have no idea, but we loved it. 
Making it to the swing bridge we were stopped as we watched a sail boat and then a tug boat pass. The cars were nice enough to let us go across the bridge first when the light turned green, and that meant we were first to the bathrooms at the tourist information centre. 
We just had to pick up some stickers of Cape Breton Island to add to our collection on our panniers. 
Carrying on we decided to stop at a town that I honestly can't remember the name of. They had a gas station with a teepee and Gatorade and we're not picky at this point. 
At our picnic table was on of the local elders of the reserve who was nice enough to give us a tour of teepee and all the cultural artifacts that were inside. 
Finishing lunch we continued on our long day to baddeck. Home of hospitality and something else that starts with an h. Hardwork? I don't know. 
We rolled into the campsite, set up tent did laundry and were lulled to sleep by our neighbour who had decided to play his guitar... Because there always has to be that one guy. 

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