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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Day 76

PEI to Nova Scotia! 
Charlottetown to New Glasgow. 97km

(Danica) Today we left the amazing town of Charlottetown heading for Nova Scotia! We left the hostel where we had an awesome breaky with our friends Emma and Mirada! Huge shoot out to them and their accomplishment! And for reading our blog! They were heading to see Charlottetown then bike in the afternoon so it was lovely to say goodbye to them. Sherri and Mungo also popped by to say goodbye and collect Cassidy. A huge thanks to everything for them! Anyways with lots of photos and fair wells we were off and in a blink of a pedal arrived at the ferry terminal with 30 mins to spare. We also had time to stop at this corn maze. Takes an hour to do the 12 acre affair. Unfortunately it wasn't ready for us. Down to the ferry where it was so neat to watch them unload as they have hydronic decks to load cars onto the upper and lower decks. They also had two people not show up to their cars until the whole ship was unloaded. It was a front car and the back one in the same line so the whole line was stuck! From the ferry Nova Scotia greeted us with a welcoming hill. On days when we travel between provinces it's interesting to see all the differences. For example every province has different street signs. PEI had some with weird sayings like "bridge ices before road" and "causeway intersection ahead." Nova Scotia's deer one looks like a reindeer about to take flight. Anyways gives us new things to stare at for a while. Made it to New Glasgow where our group dynamic is taking another break. Kelly and Laura decided they'd rather see Halifax then do the Cabot Trail and headed down to see the city for a couple days. Tonight they caught a bus after putting their bikes in the spa (bike shop) for the weekend. The Collins and myself will head off to the Cabot trail and follow the original schedule. Laura and Kelly's plan is to take the weekend off, then return to new Glasgow and bike to North Sydney.  All in all another few days apart from each other and we will recombine together in North Sydney where we get our final ferry!! Cate, Court and I said a fair well then found a grocery store and park to camp in. There is no camping near by but this park has a festival happening across the river and trees to hide our tent. Live music for our tasty dinner and bedtime tunes! 

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