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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Kelly and Laura's Last day!!!!! ( day 83)

We made it!!!!!!!
 There are no words for how I feel, well I mean there are, but I believe Kelly's and my relief was expressed in squeals of joy and LOTS of high fiving. 
That last day into St. John's wasn't a long one but Newfoundland didn't make it easy, with yet another day of wind and fog. Which is Newfoundland's permanent weather choice; rain, drizzle and fog. 
Upon entering St. John's we attempted to find some water to dip our tires in but couldn't find a beach, only a functional harbour. So what ended up happening was more of a Atlantic christening of Vivian ( my bike) and Regina ( Kelly's bike). 
We opted to get to our hotel first to shower and change into some clean clothes and freshen up before hitting world famous George street. We climbed our last VERY steep hill and it wasn't that bad. I mean it could've been the endorphins or the fact that it can no longer feel most of my extremities, at that point it didn't matter. 
Moseying down to the bar capital of the world... Or maybe just Canada, we spotted two touring bikes, complete with panniers. Finding the owners in trapper jacks bar we discovered that they had also just finished biking across Canada and had the beards to prove it. 
That night we partied with our new friends Dan and Andrew and were joined by Kelly's cousin Kaleigh and boyfriend Brandon. 
WE MADE ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!!! ...And man did we celebrate. 
Side note: for all those who have been to Newfoundland, we did get screeched in and are now honorary newfies. Because I wouldn't kiss a cod for any other province. 

Sign for moose on the highway, Unfortunately it's broken... Probably by an angry moose.

MADE IT!!!!!

Kaleigh, Brandon and I whale watching. 

Celebrating with dan and Andrew. 

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  1. If it seems surreal to us blog followers, it must be even more so for you. Amazing and fabulous and a huge congrats to both of you. It was a real pleasure riding the very first leg with you. Thanks, Caryl