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Friday, 8 August 2014

BC Chickies: Day 81 Ingonish to North Sydney


It's our last day of biking in Nova Scotia today! The Cabot trail has been beautiful but we're all excited to be in the final province. 
We got up at our usual 6am wake up time, made ourselves some oatmeal for breakfast and got on the road. It was a beautiful, cool, sunny morning. The first 10k were pretty easy then we hit Smokey Mountain, our last major climb on the Cabot trail. The assent was pretty easy, a nice gradual climb and the decent was awesome!!! It was so beautiful, one of the best we've had. We were snaking back and fourth down the side of the mountain overlooking the ocean. 
Our next discovery was that the ferry we were planning on catching to English town was not running. It was not the end of the world but it meant we had to go on a 20k detour. And you know how we feel about detours. 
We stopped for lunch at a little shop at the side of the road. The owner was saying the ferry was closed because of an oil leak. He also informed us that because of the detour we were fully completing the Cabot trail - if we'd got the ferry we would have missed the end of it. That's some consolation I guess. 

Our next challenge was Kelly's mountain. There was a sign at the base of it telling is that we would climb 240 meters over next 7k. Danica was not a fan of that sign. "No one wants to know how many push ups they're going to have to do before a workout class!" she yelled at the sign. From the top of the mountain we had a clear and rather cruel view of the shorter route via the ferry. 
On the way into North Sydney we picked up a few supplies for dinner and went straight to the bras d'ore campsite. One of the perks of this campsite was an old barn they had converted into a rec room complete with jacuzzi bath tubs. Pretty random, but we enjoyed the spa treatment. Tomorrow we'll be catching the boat to our tenth and final province!!! Sadly the whole group won't be completing the trip together though. Kelly and Laura are going to catch a different ferry and beat us to St. John's by a week or so. It's been a great adventure and we hope they have the time of their lives celebrating this incredible accomplishment on George Street (I don't have any doubt they will). 

Smokey mountain ski hill 

Danica's new house

Smokeys descent 

Here in Nova Scotia we have look offs!

Last summit of Nova Scotia 

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