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Saturday, 2 August 2014

BC Babes. Day 77. Hello Cape Breton!

New Glasgow to Port Hawkesbury. 125 km. 

(Cate) In the wee hours of the morning, some drunk guys walked by our tent. Now, it wasn't the classiest location we've had yet since we were camped in the small forested area behind a cemetery, but we just wanted to sleep in peace. One guy lashed out at our tent and said 'We are about to fight something.. Cougars.. Bears.' Thankfully, he had a same friend who told him to leave us be. I was genuinely worried for a while and refused to leave the tent until it was light out. We packed up camp quickly and had breaky at timmies so we could brush our teeth and fill up on water. We biked the 68 km into Antigonish by 10:30 AM.  The brew pub, Townhouse, had been recommended to us. Sadly, we arrived more than 5 hours before they were set to open- how inconsiderate they are to thirsty bikers. We set out biking after having lunch and reached CAPE BRETON ISLAND. The rest of this trip will officially be spent solely on islands! Upon our arrival, we went to a grocery store to get food and clean up. By clean up, I'm talking 3 sweaty bikers + a 64 pack of huggies wet wipes + 1 public washroom. Not our classiest 'shower,' but it sufficed. We arrived at Shindigs, a local pub at 3:59 PM. It looked closed so we got worried, but this time luck was in our favour as the opening time was 4 PM! We had a few drinks and played crib, a nice afternoon hangout. There was a stage in a park just down the street, complete with a picnic table and electrical outlets, so we set up camp there for the night. We made dinner and then relaxed for the rest of the evening. 

Exploring Nova Scotia. 

Hello Cape Breton!

Only islands from here on out. 

Awaiting the pubs doors to open with these BC babes. 

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