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Monday, 11 August 2014

Day 86. BCers. Morbid NFLD signage.

Day 86. White Bay Convenience to Crooked Lake.. 125 km. 

So this morning, Courtney woke up after having a terrible sleep on her thermarest. It all started a day or two ago when some of the supports in the middle (which keep it flat) began to burst, giving her a 'pillow' at the top of her mat. She bragged about this new, awesome feature to Danica and I. Unfortunately, more of them burst overnight, leaving her with 1/3 of her mat puffed up and no longer comfy to sleep on. Good thing we only have 5 nights remaining on our thermarests. So this morning Courtney began to describe to Danica the perks of sharing one thermarest for the two of them.. Cuddling and warmth were among the positive features. Needless to say, Danica did not grasp at this idea. After breakfast we returned to the gas station to fill up on water before setting out. One of the cashiers asked us incredulously 'were you the ones in the tent?!' Yes, that was us at the truck pullout in the little green tent. Not our classiest campsite, but it was free. Today's weather, as forecasted by Courtney, was couch weather. There was a nice, strong wind blowing in exactly the opposite direction as our travels and fairly constant rain. But, we powered through, for the sole reason that it was the last Monday of biking, no matter how miserable it was. After 50 km, we stopped for muffins and hot beverages at a restaurant on the highway to warm up before carrying on. We stopped in South Brook at a campground to wash our laundry and have showers. By far the cleanest we've been in a few days! We then continued on biking to knock off a few more kilometers before calling it a day. When we arrived in Newfoundland, there was a sign telling people to buckle up since 13 people had died this year in car crashes. We rode by another sign this afternoon, but the number was now 14. Danica noticed this and we all were a bit taken aback by how blunt the signs in NFLD are. One other sign where the truth is not downplayed is one with a picture of a moose saying 'Slow down and save a life. It could be yours.' As Courtney was mentioning this sign, she noticed a real live moose right beside the road- funny how they come out when we chat about them! We stopped at Crooked Lake for the night and camped outside someone's cabin. The neighbours said they owners wouldn't be around until August long so we were more than welcome to set up camp there. We made dinner and had a game of cards, followed by early to bed! 

Courtney's 'pillow.'

No need for a drivers license! A man approached us to give us new I.D. cards at one of our stops today. We will have to try them out at the pubs on George Street in St. John's.

Under 500 km remaining to hit St. John's. 

Our quaint campsite for the night. 

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