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Thursday, 14 August 2014

BC Kids: Day 87 Terrific Tuesday!

Crooked Lake to Notre Dame Provincial Park - 95km

What's so terrific about this Tuesday? ITS OUR LAST TEUSDAY OF BIKING!!! Only four more days until we reach St. John's avd throw our bikes in the ocean! 
This morning we woke to the sound of waves up at our lovely little lakeside camp. Our neighbour came over for a morning visit as we were making breakfast. She invited us over for coffee, breakfast, and practically everything else she could think of. We felt bad turning down her hospitable offers but we were content with our hot chocolates and bowls of oatmeal. Eventually she did convince us to pack along a few packets of instant noodles for later. Thankyou!!
We set off for what would be a fairly uneventful day of biking. Before we left we had mapped out the 63km to the Tim's in Bishop Falls. We cruised through Grand Falls-Windsor at about 40k and arrived at our Tim Hortons before noon. 
The weather outside was still wet and miserable so we dawdled over our empty plates for as long as we could. We found a grocery store for some ingredients to dazzle up our instant noodles and headed off towards the provincial park. 
Oh I almost forgot to mention the headwind we battled all day today, it seems to just be part of the scenery here in NFLD. 
The gentleman behind the counter at the park registration office had one of the cutest Newfie accents we have found so far. He must have called us m'dear and m'love 5 times each in the span of a few minutes. 
The park had a little store where we all bought ice cream (before dinner) and some lovely hot showers. The misty weather never let up so by 8 we were all in the tent for the night. We played a quick game of cards then it was off to bed. 

The park sign
Checking in. 
Cheezies and cards. 

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