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Friday, 8 August 2014

Day 82: Newfoundland bound!

North Sydney NS to Port-Aux-Basques NFLD 

(Danica) The find for that New Found Land started again this morning at 6am. We camped a bit out of town so we descended into town to find groceries and breaky! After a lovely superstore stock up we went to a local restaurant for coffee and bacon. The ferry left at 11:45am but we had to be there just after 9 as loading was two hours in advance. It was about to rain so we were first on the ferry. The people here are so nice! Didn't want us to melt! On the ferry we set out to explore first before finding the best spots to make camp. There was a huge lounge bar, restaurant, icecream parlour, cafe and reclined seating areas. The seating areas were like first class airplane chairs with a headphone jack and controls to watch what was on the various big TVs. Ours didn't work and within thirty mins I got bored, and we hadn't even left yet! Cate and Court both were in grossed in there stuff so I wandered around with my headphones until I found a chair that worked! Sports plus a comfy chair and I was happy! After we started moving we were all watching the bay disappear behind us when another ferry went by the opposite way. Court said so blondly "wish I was on that one it's going faster" ... Ohhh sweetie shhh it's okay but we like going east not west. After a while we went to the bar to play some cards. There was a lot of people who kept coming up to us asking if we were the people they heard about biking across. Honestly I don't think the Collins mind the million questions but I just felt like peace and quiet. Both of them left me for a pee break at one point so I was just casually staring out the window when! All of a sudden! I spotted dolphins! And a whale! We amazingly got to watch them jump along the boat a couple of times! Mmm and then more drinks... Fabulous ferry ride overall. We arrived in Newfoundland and biked to our campsite a short 10km down the road. We had a nice dinner then went for the loooongest walk to the beach. 2km! By the time we got there it was almost dark so we took the waves invitation to come on in... Birthday style. What a lovely swim in the Atlantic. Best camping so far in NFLD! 

To the ferry


Bar lounge

Leaving Nova Scotia 

Coming into nfld 

Bikes in line

Tenth prov!!
St. John's is on the sign! Wft?!

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