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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Final Day 91!

Holyrood to St. John's!

(Danica) We've finally made it to St. John's! Signal Hill National Park was our final stop and we made it 48km down the road to our final destination by 10:28am. Wooting, hollering, yahhhaaa's and wooo-whooo's we climbed the last hill. Kelly and Laura did a bad job of describing this hill... It's a bloody steep one! Signal Hill is a national historic site of canada with a bunch of history and such. However hate to say we didn't care.. It's the final point of our trip and a terrific view of St. John's. On the way to the top there were so many people who told us encouraging thoughts.. great job! Your almost there! Just another corner! Everything we were needing to hear. At the top we raced to the end then threw our bikes against the wall ending in huge hand fives!! Just imagine sweaty stinky out if breath girls screaming "we did it" again and again!! We scared a lot of tourists! Eventually some asked where we started... B.C.! Others asked where we were going... No where ! We are D O N E ! ! ! We phoned our loved ones back home to wake them up and they couldn't complain as we just finished biking across this f***ing country. We had quite a few people take our photo and shake our hand in congratulations. I didn't realize I needed to hear it but wow it feels so great to hear a congratulations on our accomplishment. After we took a lot of photos later we finally left signal hill. We didn't read or care about the history of its just us standing there getting every photo we dreamed of and finishing the trip! Wow we are done the trip of a lifetime. Before we went to the bar on George St to meet Cates friend and have lunch, we went by a small harbour to dip our tires in the Atlantic Ocean! Not as significant as doing it in Victoria but it caps off the adventure nicely. Lunch was lovely as they were still serving breakfast!! And beer! 

Coming to St. John's was the biggest count down of my life. Court and I talked about it and never before have we counted down so intensely for a bigger moment. Not Christmas, birthdays, or any other event before. All week we've woken up saying how many days left, how many kms. Every corner felt like a long time coming and every hill has been twice as hard to do. All of our phones have been mapping out signal hill since we started this island. We meet one guy today who talked to us on the ferry. He said wow so how many days was that? We replied 92.. He said "wooo nooo the ferry was like a week ago." Ah no  we didn't just bike across Newfoundland, we started in Victoria bc. In May. We met another who finished yesterday and is 70 years old. He was supported by his wife and friend and was raising money for  sick children. Biked 10000kms in 76 days and made 50 grand. Amazing story!

Overall I think we did close to 9000kms. As one gentleman put it today... It's not the destination that counts but the fact you've gone somewhere. If your on a journey and something along the way interests you never be afraid to take the detour. As long as your not stuck saying I should do this or want to go here, but you keep moving forward, you'll go to great places. All it takes is that first pedal. 

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