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Friday, 15 August 2014

Day 89. BC. Three for the money.

Terra Nova Provincial Park to Goobies.. 113 km. 

(Cate) We left the national park early with no more run-ins with the park warden. It was a quiet 80 km into Clarenville. Of course, the headwind and drizzling rain put a bit of a damper on the ride, but who can complain on the THIRD to last day of biking?! We liked Clarenville almost as much as we liked Brandon, Manitoba. Feel free to refresh your memory on our sentiments if need be (http://thelonghaul2014.blogspot.ca/2014/06/brandon.html?m=1). Our lunch break in town started out swimmingly. We all had a booster juice and enjoyed our sandwiches. That is where the fun ended. Upon deciding to leave, Courtney realized she had a flat tire. While she did the tube change, Danica and I hunted and gathered dinner supplies. We were still cold from the morning and decided a timmies break was necessary before carrying on. We wheeled our bikes 20 m between the two joints and relaxed in timmies for a while. When we were finally ready to leave (after stretching our lunch break to 3.5 hours) we noticed that now one of Danica's tires was completely flat.. What bad luck. She had to use her last tube, which caused us to instigate a search for a bike store in town to grab a spare tube. We cruised down into town, as per googles instructions, only to find out the bike store had moved up the hill, two doors down from booster juice and three doors down from timmies. So we biked back up the massive hill only to find out that they don't carry her tube size, even though it is pretty freaking common. To top off what was now a messy, 5 hour break in Clarenville, I dropped my phone and cracked the entire screen.. Whoops. If you bike across Canada, do yourself a favour and buy an good, waterproof case to save yourself a lot of grief. Now, not only were the events which took place in Clarenville less than fun, but the drivers were insanely impatient. Everyone layed on their horns constantly and sped- not the safest for us cyclists. We eventually did leave the town to bike another 30 km to Goobies to call it a day. Yes, the towns name is Goobies. And yes, our reaction was the same as yours (see photo below). There is a town near St. John's called Dildo; unfortunately we deemed the 15 km detour off the highway to go there unnecessary so we will have to settle for seeing the signage on the highway tomorrow. We set up camp outside the visitor info center, had dinner and then went for dessert and a game of cards at the nearby gas station. TWO MORE DAYS! 

200 km to go!

Tim's tire change. 

Gorgeous view back towards the awful Clarenville. 

Awarded: best town name. 

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