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Friday, 8 August 2014

Day 83. Into the New Found Land.

Port aux Basques to Crabbes River. 95 km. 

(Cate) Leaving the campground this morning, Courtney and Danica began scheming epic figure skating like lifts which we can do with our bikes upon our arrival in St. John's. Needless to say, we are all excited to be on the final stretch and looking forward to returning home to BC. There was talk of simple luxuries, such as couches and cars, and how you don't appreciate them until you sit at picnic tables and ride only a bike for three months straight. Newfoundland is a beautiful province so far, we rode beside the tabletop mountains for a good part of the morning. The sun was still low in the sky and the scenery was beautiful. It was only just past 11 AM, but having done 80 km we were hungry and stopped for lunch. There happened to be a campground for us to stop at, which was surprising considering we had seen only one convenience store and a few houses all morning. This side of Newfoundland is pretty remote, but we should be able to find the odd place to get food and water along the way. We arrived at the gas station and restaurant in Crabbes River just past noon and sat down for a break and some coffee. It was another 50 km ride to reach the next gas station so we opted to call it a day and relax for the afternoon as we knew we could still push to get to Corner Brook tomorrow. We backtracked 1 km down a hill since there was an RV park there. Courtney took an afternoon nap since she wasn't feeling well so Danica and I went for a swim in the river and played crib. We ran out of groceries after lunch so Danica and I trekked back up to the restaurant for a dinner date. We tried fries, gravy and dressing which is a dish specific to Newfoundland. It was pretty good, but we will have to try it again at another restaurant just to be sure ;) 

Gorgeous morning in NFLD. 

Early morning low sun. 

See you later, Atlantic. 

Gas station peaking over the hill. 

Fries, Dressing and Gravy. 

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