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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Day Eighty Eighty - Wardens Warning

Notre Dame Prov Park to Terra Nova National Park (Southwest Arm) 125km

Woke up to rain and wind - no surprise. This prov is awful for weather. But today was the day it is supposed to turn around according to everyone so we put our wet laundry on our bikes with no hopes for it to dry. It drizzled most of the ride into Gander and by the time we arrived we wanted more then Tim's. We hunted done the best spot or breaky and ended up getting the best choc chip and blueberry pancakes ever. Eventually after a two hour break we moved on in the weather to find out it had stopped drizzling. And then the sun came out for about one hour... Nothing more nothing less but enough to dry our laundry. We hankered off another good chunk of kms before hitting the Terra Nova National Park exhausted! The picnic area was 3 more km and the camping was 12km out. So we choose the close one... Naturally! What could possibly go wrong? 

We arrived at the picnic area ready for stretching, dinner and bed. Nothing else as we didn't have energy for anything else. Just after stretching I was standing by Bikey when she EXPLODED her front tire again!! Poop snickers! Cate and Court were nice and made dinner while I fixed that then decided (as my bike was already upside down) to fix my front spokes and lube my chain. After dinner while I was drying the dishes so peacefully all I could think was how nice my bed was going to be! But then we heard some footsteps on the path and a Warden appeared on behalf of the National Park of Canada. "Apparently ladies we have a problem as you have a tent set up and appear to be staying the night." Ohhh noooo. We explain that we didn't know we couldn't stay there as there was (thank goodness) no signs saying no camping. We also explained we have stayed at picnic areas across the country with no problems. He explained that we couldn't stay as it was federal land and that we needed to move on to the camping ten km down the road by the time he re-checked later that night. Courtney asked "What happens if we are still here?" The young warden replied that he would summon us to court in Gander. Lovely okay Gander is west and we only go east so that was not an option. I explained that we were happy to leave but it was getting dark and we had an hour of packing up then it would take an half an hour to bike to the campground. It was currently 8:00pm so we would be on the road with the dangerous semi trucks in the dark. Cates face looked close to crying and all I could think was that I didn't want to re-blow up my air mattress. That is the worst! But lucky enough we got to stay for the night on the condition we were gone by 7:30am when he checked for fisherman. Thank you Warden Lawrence. Anyways we had a hot choc to settle ourselves then called it a night. Conclusion was Lawrence may have been cute in the uniform if he wasn't such a rule follower. It was so lovely to be able to go to bed on time and not have to worry about a court date. Three days left of biking... 



300 km to go!!

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